SDxContact Port Solutions

Concerned about smooth travel operations amid COVID-19 pandemic?

SDxContact, a Wellness Management Mobile Application, is your solution to address all your concerns. SDxContact is developed to deal with your business and safety challenges posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, enabling hassle-free travel & transportation operations.

  • Authorities will provide QR code at the airport to access the Travel Form

  • Travellers fill up and submit the form

  • Authorities will have access to view and edit the Travel Form

  • Other authorities(Police, Health authorities etc.) can only view the form

  • Travellers are guided for health checkup at the airport

  • Based on the test results quarantine decision is taken

  • Alerts and notifications sent to authorities to take right decisions

  • Real-time Dashboard to access complete health record of travellers

How SDxContact helps travellers & authorities? 
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